helps children recover from enduring physical and/or sexual abuse, family violence or parental substance abuse and/or mental illness by providing mental health services.

*****Clients may be eligible for free services if there has been an eligible police report made for a traumatic event (witnessing of domestic violence, abuse, rape, human trafficking, and/or assault/battery) within the last 3 years or if there is substantial documentation to prove that a child has been involved in a traumatic event (child physical /sexual abuse without police report).

The Trauma Recover Program was originally established in response to the high number of weekly referrals received for Trauma Recovery Services. This Program was developed to provide crisis counseling, education and support services to children, parents, and teachers in the communities of central and east San Diego. Over time, our services have increasingly focused on the mental health care needs of the City’s most vulnerable populations, including homeless children and families, and children served by child protective services (CPS) and or the foster care systems.

SDCC provides a specialized therapeutic program for children who have experienced physical or sexual abuse or have witnessed family violence. In order to begin the healing process, a safe, supportive and nurturing place must be available to help children recover from these traumatic experiences. Through individualized, child-friendly and child-focused counseling sessions, the clinician helps children to more effectively understand and manage their emotions. Most children in our program have never received the mental health counseling needed to help them develop coping skills and recover. SDCC clinicians have found that individual sessions with the child’s caretaker, in addition, to family therapy sessions, improves therapeutic outcomes in all cases where family violence, including sexual abuse, physical abuse and domestic violence, has occurred.


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