Katarina Silva



In 2006, Dr. Christiana K. Silva was awarded her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology by the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University. Dr. Silva has attended UCLA and UCSD receiving her B.S. in Psychology. Her doctoral research study investigated dysfluent speech in abused children.
In 2007, Dr. Silva established the SD Psychological Services, Inc. in order to provide therapeutic services to clients in the East County region of San Diego. Areas of expertise include ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and trauma exposure. She accepts private pay, sliding scale fee, and insurance reimbursement (Tricare, Aetna, Anthem, and Blue Shield). For more information about SD Psychological Services, please visit www.sdpsychservices.com
In 2011, Dr. Silva founded SD Center for Counseling, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization developed to provide free to low cost therapy services to children who are impacted by traumatic events to help support their path to healing. The SD Center for Counseling is co-located at the SD Family Justice Center in Downtown, San Diego.
Dr. Silva has worked at the Center for Autism Research, Evaluation, and Service, from 1998-2011. Dr. Silva was a senior staff supervisor who developed and maintained home behavior programs for children on the Autism Spectrum. Dr. Silva also provided consultation, training, and supervision for behavior modification programs for various school districts for children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dr. Silva has experience in the following strategies: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Discrete Trial Training (DTT), social stories, TEACCH, peer training, PRT, play therapy, and PECS. Dr. Silva has worked with occupational therapists, education consultants, physical therapists, speech therapists as well teachers and administrators. She has worked with children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis ranging from 3 years of age through 55 years.
Dr. Silva has an extensive research background. She has been a research assistant to many well known Psychologists and Medical Doctors and has studied such topics as; effective social skills in high school aged children, high affect vs. low affect PRT, the treatment of Tinnitus with CBT and psychopharmacology, and the role of life stress in depression and effects of substance use on personality structures. She has assisted with research at the UCSD autism lab and UCSD/VA hospital.
Dr. Silva has over 9 years of training in clinical experience. She was a psychological intern at Springall Academy where she provided short and long term individual and group psychotherapy to students with learning disabilities and behavior problems. Dr. Silva worked with children with a variety of diagnosis including, ADHD, Depression, Autism, Aspergers, PTSD and learning disabilities.
Dr. Silva also has experience in working with adults. She was a psychological intern at Calworks Stepforward where she provided long term and short term therapy for adults. At Stepforward she conducted parenting and anger management groups and assisted in crisis management and job skills training.
Dr. Silva was also a practicum student at ISIS crisis house. She provided short term therapy/crisis management to adults who are experiencing a high level of stress.
Dr. Silva’s personal qualities include a genuine love and passion for her work. She is extremely enthusiastic and shows great dedication to her clients. Dr. Silva understands that many of us experience stress during our lifetimes and that reaching out for help may be difficult. Dr. Silva would like to help in making this transition as easy as possible, in a caring and supportive environment, so that healing can begin.

Dr. Diane Lass


Dr. Lass is a Clinical Psychologist and has worked in the field of domestic violence for over 12 years. Dr. Lass conducts individual and group therapy in addition to supervising interns and psychological assistants. Originally, Dr. Lass became the founder and President of Hope and Strength Psychological Services, Professional Corporation, working with domestic violence and sexual assault victims as a community partner with the San Diego Family Justice Center (SDFJC). Through Hope and Strength Psychological Services, Dr. Lass provided and continues to provide services offsite in private practice. In 2011, Dr. Lass formed and serves as President of the Center for Hope and Strength, Inc., a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization and community partner with SDFJC.

In addition, Dr. Lass is the Administrator of Psychological Services for the San Diego Family Justice Center (SDFJC). She was also proud to be one of the original members of the Strategic Planning Committee for the SDFJC in 2003.

Dr. Lass has helped to empower, motivate, transform, and inspire thousands of individuals over the past twelve years in various areas of their lives, having provided safety planning, crisis intervention, risk assessment, self-esteem building, psychoeducation related to cycles of abuse, power and control tactics, boundary setting, finding and rebuilding relationships, promoting wellness, empowerment, dealing with traumatic challenges, and establishing new beginnings. Dr. Lass assists clients in their unique journeys of moving forward. Dr. Lass is passionate about her work and feels fortunate to be in the position to help individuals in need. Her warm approach is compassionate and non-judgmental.

Josephine Pemberton


Clients rely on Pemberton Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. to help them reach their financial success by:

1) Determining objectives, risk thresholds, and time lines

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3) Maintaining an appropriate investment strategy

4) Helping them make important decisions regarding their financial future

5) Identifying present cash flow and budgeting


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